Targeting Audiences Pays Off

Targeting audiences goes a long way to ensuring an effective video and getting a bigger return on your investment. Marketing guru Seth Godin was blogging last month about how marketers love interrupting large numbers of people with their campaigns, but that it’s not always the best way to reach people.

You can certainly produce a single web video featuring all of your products and/or services and send it to all of your customers, but chances are not all of them are interested in all of what you offer. Why is this important to note? Well, why should they waste their time watching your video if it doesn’t appear to be relevant to them?

The answer is they won’t. They’ll tune out. A better approach is to produce multiple videos featuring different products and/or services, then send the appropriate links to customers in targeted emails. ┬áThis way your customers only get videos about the products and/or services that matter to them.

Keep those videos short and you can even do them for about the same price as a single, longer video featuring everything.

–Tony Gnau