Simple Business Lesson From Redbox

Another terrific Chicago-AMA event in the books. Wednesday morning we got to hear from Mark Achler, Senior Vice President of New Business Strategy and Innovation at movie rental giant Redbox.

As usual, T60 provided the preview video for Chicago-AMA. That means I got to pick Mark’s brain a few weeks before the event, and the thing I took away from our interview and video shoot is the same thing I got out of Wednesday’s presentation.


The simpler the customer experience you provide, the easier it is to earn and keep customers. Makes sense for a company renting movies, but when you think about it that theory rings true for most businesses no matter what they do.

In our case, we tell corporate stories. One of the biggest concerns for most of our new clients is that they’re going to have to sit down and create a script for us to follow. When I tell them that’s our job, it’s often followed by an instant sigh of relief.

How we keep it simple

We make the video production process easy on clients. We talk with them ahead of time to figure out what they’re trying to communicate. We conduct interviews to support that message, then we create a story that’s going to connect with their audience.


I had never thought of it that way before meeting and talking with Mark, but now I see how simplicity is a big part of our service. It’s something I now feel like I need to highlight even more.

Is providing a simple customer experience a cornerstone of your business?

–Tony Gnau