Promotion Minus The Sales-Pitch

I tend to email myself blog ideas, but occasionally they get pushed aside in the shuffle… doomed to a sad existence inside my inbox. But all is not lost! I cleaned out my email last night and found a gem.

Razorfish is a marketing giant, and I got to visit their Chicago offices early this summer (for this video). That’s why this Ad Week article last month caught my eye.

Video highlights innovation

Razorfish leaders have created a whole room dedicated to video and digital technology, helping them create demonstrations for clients. It looks pretty cool, but I like their promo video even better.

I know, me liking a video about video!? Shocker.

Anyway, the video is nice. It’s pretty flashy storytelling, but look at the subject matter… it’s flashy so the style is a good fit.

Promotion minus the sales-pitch

I just love the whole idea of a creating a video to promote things a company is doing that bring value to clients. This video is certainly about Razorfish, but it doesn’t feel that way because it’s so focused on showing how their innovations can help clients.

That’s how you do it folks. Focus on the audience. Lesson learned courtesy a marketing bigwig.

–Tony Gnau