Putting Joy Into Your Marketing Videos

napoli at medinahI mentioned yesterday I was going to a memorial service for a good friend, Marty Napoli, Jr. It was a sad but inspiring occasion. He was one of those people who simple shine, and it actually hit me during the ceremony that Marty had what we all need in our marketing videos… JOY!

Marty exuded joy. He was the type of person who made everyone feel better just having been around him. I don’t know about you, but that’s a response I’d like people to have after having watched one of our clients’ videos.


Marty made cameos in a couple of T60 videos. I shared one yesterday, but as I was driving home from the memorial I remembered another. It happens to be perfect considering this subject matter.

He was in one segment from our Telly Award winning video for Medinah Country Club following the 2006 PGA Championship. Marty was known as the “Mayor of Medinah” and the segment opens with him welcoming people to “his” club.

“Life is so good. I mean look where we’re at. We’re at Medinah. Sun’s shining.” VIDEO– 2006 PGA Championship

Classic Marty. That’s the way he looked at every day… always something positive. Life is so good.

I’ve always felt like the passion I bring to every project shines through, but now I’m going to put a little Marty into every video… I’m going add some joy.

–Tony Gnau