Put On A Black Jersey And Share Your PR/Marketing Message

My friend Chris Knight, who’s a talented news videographer at WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, posted this video on his Facebook wall.  It features the Ohio University football team and its reaction to getting new jerseys.

Stick with me here, there’s a great PR/marketing lesson to be learned from this “football” video.

I love it for a couple of reasons…

  1. enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. I didn’t go to Ohio University, could care less what jerseys they wear, and yet there I was watching the video and getting excited for those players right along with them.
  2. it gives fans a real behind the scenes look at this team. This wasn’t some well-orchestrated, use-the-talking-points PR video. It was pure and unfiltered joy. What a great thing to share with their fans. Now those fans are in on a special moment with the team they cheer for and they have video and social media to thank.

Are you reading between the lines here? PR/marketing pros… you can do this for your clients. Business leaders… you can do this for your company.

I’m not expecting the same kind of over-the-top enthusiasm from a company’s staff, but you’re doing things right now that they’re excited about. Let them share that enthusiasm with your customers… your prospects. Give the rest of the world a look behind the curtain at your company.

The power of video is a wonderful thing.

–Tony Gnau

p.s. the Bobcats won the game. They beat Marshall 44-7.

VIDEO: Ohio University Black Jerseys Reaction