PR/Marketing Video Series Producing Unexpected Benefits

We’re putting our money where our keyboard is. T60 is in the midst of producing its own video series. We figured I’ve been blogging about the concept so much lately, we should do one of our own.

The production started this week, and it’s a process that’ll take us several months. I’m going to wait to reveal the subject matter for the series, but we’ll debut it here at the blog so stay tuned.

Each segment will feature a T60 client, and I’m already finding that these interviews are going to provide us with more than just a PR/marketing benefit.

We shot a segment yesterday with the marketing director for the Glenwood School for Boys and Girls. She’s awesome. I can’t wait for you to meet her in the video.

Anyway, shooting her segment gave me an opportunity to talk with her about our business relationship, and why they’ve been with us now for three years (Glenwood’s 2010 video). She gave me an interesting response.

She said we’re not condescending. She appreciates that we’re willing to listen to her ideas and build on them instead of taking the attitude that her ideas stink and we know it all.

I certainly appreciated the compliment, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected. Our creative expertise is our biggest asset, and that goes for piecing together a project from the ground up or expanding on our clients’ existing plans. I guess I had never thought about it that way until speaking with her.

I think this video series is going to give us a lot of insight into what we’re doing right as a company, and what we need to improve upon.

–Tony Gnau

VIDEO: Glenwood School for Boys and Girls