Making Big Events Grand

I think marketing guru Seth Godin might be reading T60-The Blog.  Okay, wishful thinking, but he did touch on a subject I wrote about earlier this week.

Godin wrote in his Blog today that big events can generate enthusiasm for your ideas, company, et cetera… as long as you truly make them BIG.  His point is that sometimes grand openings and other big events can become normal… mundane.

One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to create a video at your event that participants can share with others once they leave.  Make sure to let people know about the upcoming video during the event.  Display a web address where everyone will be able to find it.  Ask for their email addresses so you can let them know when it’s ready.  Post the finished video on your social media sites.

And whatever you do, don’t forget to make sure to involve the event participants in the video while you’re shooting.  If they think they might be in it, they’ll seek it out.  And if they do get into the video, they’ll share it with others.

Now your big event lives on even after it’s over.

–Tony Gnau