Sponsors and Social Media

Dwyane Wade Photo

T60 incorporated sponsors into an event video produced for NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade

I saw a good blog post today by Jason Peck at sponsorpark.com.  He talks about some interesting ways athletes and their sponsors are using social media to connect with fans, and it serves as a great example for any business… especially if your company sponsors events.

Event sponsorship is traditionally a marketing tool that ends the day after the event, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Creating a video at the event, and emailing links to the people who attended, could result in them sharing the video with countless others.  And if your company has social media accounts, you can share the video there as well.  Once you do that, the event sponsorship continues to generate interest long after the event ends.

See how T60 incorporated sponsorships into the following event video produced for NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade.