Go Behind-The-Scenes At Your Business

Another good behind-the-scenes video today from American Airlines. Good, not great. There are some rough edits, but it’s still pretty good and I LOVE the concept.

American’s leaders understand there’s all sorts of aspects about their business people might find interesting, so they regularly do these types of videos. In this case, it’s the process of buying a new airplane.

That’s Them, Not Us

You might be thinking to yourself… sure, they’re an airline. There are tons of things they can produce videos about that viewers will find interesting. I don’t do anything special that people will watch.

Trust me. There are people at American who once felt the same way. Guaranteed there are people there who are always prepping new planes and don’t think it’s anything special. When you do something everyday, or frequently, it might not seem interesting to you, but in the hands of a quality storyteller it becomes something that will capture an audience.

Look Using The eyes of your customers

The idea is to start looking at your business through the eyes of your customers and prospects. What are the things you’re doing that might peek their curiosity?

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about the audience. Focus your videos on what they might want to watch.

–Tony Gnau