Dave Ramsey’s Daughter Ditches Radio For Video

I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan. My wife and I started on his financial plan when we got engaged, and we haven’t looked back.

If you’re not familiar with Dave, he’s a financial counselor who’s spread his vision and brand via a hugely popular, nationally syndicated talk radio show and best-selling books.

While those mediums have been a big part of his success, his daughter is going a different route… VIDEO.

Move Over Radio, Hello Video

Rachel Cruz is the face of FoundationsU, Dave’s financial curriculum for college students and young adults. How’s she communicating with her audience? YouTube videos via a vlog.

What’s significant about that? Rachel is the next generation of Dave’s company, and she and their team clearly understand they’re gunning for a different audience. Instead of being stuck on past mediums, they’re turning where these new followers reside… the internet.

The company is moving forward and not stuck in the past. While radio and print have served the brand well, they have embraced digital marketing and all it offers. No doubt, video is a HUGE part of it.

Learn From Dave And Rachel

Your company might be doing well. It might even be a success, but if you want it to continue to grow… watch those companies already growing and take some notes.

Dave and Rachel see value in video… do you?

–Tony Gnau