EntreLeading The Way With PR/Marketing Videos

I’ve been on a tear recently blogging about behind-the-scenes videos. I love them. They highlight one of the great things about the medium… giving businesses the ability to take clients and prospects behind the curtain.

I found another example from syndicated radio host and best-selling author Dave Ramsey. He kicked-off the launch of his new book EntreLeadership with a whirlwind media and book signing tour, and cameras took his followers with him (see one of the videos). This is a guy who knows how to market, and video is clearly a part of his plan.

How did it work? The book debuted at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List. I’d call that a successful campaign.

Behind-the-scenes videos make viewers feel like they’re part of something. They’re in on something special.

That could be your company.

–Tony Gnau