Audience Matters For Content

Southwest Airlines happens to be a frequent topic here because they provide some great examples… both good and bad… of how to use PR and marketing videos.

Today, we add another… the mediocre.

Here’s a nice example of a company that “gets” it, but falls a little short. Southwest recently posted this video about its new line of 737-800 airplanes. I think it’s great when business leaders let us know about the innovations and investments they’re making on behalf of their customers. This particular video is professionally shot and edited, but the story falls a little short.

It’s great to highlight the new planes’ arrival, but here’s the deal… they don’t really say much about how it’s going to impact travelers. There’s a couple of things mentioned like more storage and comfortable lighting, but I need more.

If this video was produced for Southwest staff, than it makes more sense. Kind of a rah-rah for the rank and file. On the other hand, if it was produced for the public, the impact on travelers needs to be the focus.

It all comes back to the audience. When you’re producing a video, always keep them in mind. Ask yourself… why should they care?… why should they watch the video?… what are they getting out of it?

That’s your focus.

–Tony Gnau