More Than PR And Marketing

Video is a terrific tool because it has many uses. I think a lot of people simply press the default button… which happens to be PR and marketing.

Video is GREAT for those things, but businesses shouldn’t limit themselves to just those applications. Once a company has some success with a marketing video, I often recommend for them to start thinking of other ways video can benefit the organization.

Do you have a recruiting video? Sure, tons of people are looking for jobs, but it’s critical for companies to attract the best candidates… not just lots of candidates. Using video to highlight your company culture is a good way to show job seekers what it’s like working for you.

Once you have those great employees in-house, how are you communicating with them? If you ¬†have a small company, this isn’t a problem. On the other hand, if there are hundreds of people at the company, it’s a little more difficult to get them up to speed on what’s happening with the business.

Training videos are an obvious tool… the video newsletter… not so much. It’s a favorite of mine. Produce short videos about what’s happening at the company, ¬†feature your employees on-camera, and post everything on the intranet. It’s the type of thing that they’ll look forward to seeing and act as a great morale booster.

–Tony Gnau