A 9-Year-Old’s PR/Marketing Lesson

The message business leaders need to understand… storytelling is the way to reach people. Need an example? I have one in the form of a young entrepreneur.

Please… I repeat… PLEASE… watch this video entitled, Caine’s Arcade. It’s 10-minutes long, but I assure you it’s worth it.

As you watch, I want you to think about what you’re viewing. Don’t think of it as a video about a cute kid with a fun idea. Think about it as a business story… how a new venture is born.

Also, consider the storytelling taking place. The video producer doesn’t come right out and tell you what’s happening. They allow the story build. They release small bits of information in the form of surprises. This is quality stuff!

Every business has a story. They might not have a cute kid from East L.A., but look back at a company’s humble beginnings and you’ll find compelling material.

A quality storyteller can bring that past to life. Jane in accounting might have made some good home movies. Jack in the marketing department might have put together a fun video in college… but this is the company’s image we’re talking about.

Put it into the hands of a professional. They can tell a compelling story.

–Tony Gnau

p.s. I’m not advocating 10-minute corporate videos. You don’t need that long to tell a good story. A pro can do it in 3-minutes… 2-minutes… even 60-seconds.