Value For Your Video Budget

Everyone has tight budgets these days, so when you’re shopping around for a video producer don’t be afraid to share that budget with them.

I know… nobody wants to give up the farm. You don’t want to tell them you have a $4,000 budget if there’s the possibility they’re going to give you a quote for $3,000.

Here’s the thing though… there are so many variables when it comes to putting together a video quote that you’re better off sharing the budget from the start. That way the producer isn’t building in things you may not need and don’t want to pay for.

Occasionally, we’ll have clients come to us and say, “We want to produce a video on x, y, z… what could you do for us on a $5,000 budget?”

Trust me, when you have a dollar figure to work from the project becomes much clearer. How many shoots will it take versus how many they can afford? How much time creating a script, building graphics, editing the final video, again, versus how much they can afford.

If a production company wants your business, they’re going to bend over backwards to make that budget work. Now, keeping that in mind, use this approach when you start shopping around and that’s when things get interesting.

Every company has their own way of pricing and executing the project. One company might only be willing to spend three days on your project, another might be willing to devote ten. You’ll also get a sense of their customer service. Are they working with you to get the deal done, or maybe your budget isn’t worth their time. You’ll find out.

You might not save any money by sharing your budget in advance, but what you’ll find is what sort of value you’re getting for your dollar.

–Tony Gnau