5 Ways Football Is Like Marketing Video

5 Ways FootballI can hardly contain myself. Football season has finally arrived. Whether you’re into the NFL, college, high school… heck… Pop Warner, it’s great having it back.
As the season kicks-off, it has me thinking a bit. Football and marketing videos have some things in common.
Stick with me here… it’s true. I happen to be an expert on both subjects.
I’m an award-winning video producer, and I played some football as well. I was one of the least physically talented players on my college team, but my football IQ was right there at the top of the class.
So… here are five ways football and video are similar.


First and foremost, both are extremely popular. Millions of people will tune-in to watch some football this fall.
Likewise, millions will log-in to watch web videos, and many of these videos will be marketing videos.


Is there any question people feel passionately about their team? About how they feel about their players? How about the opposing team and players? People are called fans (fanatics) for a reason.
Video is all about emotion. It isn’t about facts and figures. Video provides companies and brands a way to emotionally connect with an audience.


All that emotion leads to loyalty. Football fans will stick with their teams through thick and thin. As a Bears fan, we’ve been suffering a lot over the last few years.
On the video side, I’ll use one of my favorite quotes from Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media Studios, “Video equals trust.”
The more people watch your videos, the more they begin to trust you. The more they trust you, the more loyal they become.


Both football and videos inspire people to share them. Take a look at what’s trending on social media after a big football game. The game itself, players, something that happened on or off the field… football will be trending. Fans of a given team will connect and share their common experience.
Video won’t be outdone. A well-produced video can catch fire with an audience and spread all over the globe.
You don’t need a viral video either. A video shared with a small, targeted audience can be just as effective.


After watching their favorite player score the winning touchdown, people will part with their hard-earned money to buy his jersey.
Similarly, many will watch a series of content marketing videos, begin to trust a brand, and ultimately use that same hard-earned money to purchase products or services.
There you have it. Football and video… they’re practically the same thing.
Hut, hut!
Tony Gnau - T60 ProductionsTony Gnau is the Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer at T60 Productions. He’s a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, has led T60 Productions to winning 18 Telly Awards for its corporate videos, and is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Lights, Camera, Impact: storytelling, branding, and production tips for engaging corporate videos.”