Ultimate Website Video Guide

Ultimate Website Video GuideThere’s just no way around it. The way many businesses handle website videos… it’s wrong. A website video is an awesome tool, so let’s do our best to clear-up how they should be used and provide a helpful case study as well.

First Things First

The first thing you need to understand is that if you put a video on any webpage… it’s an eye magnet. People are drawn to videos. Whether it’s a video that’s already playing, or simply an image with a play button on it. The promise of video catches people’s eye, and in many cases entices them to click.

So… knowing that… why is it that many businesses make visitors seek out video? How many websites have you been to where they gather all the videos in one place? A bunch… I’m sure.

Even when the location makes sense, something else tends to be weird… placement. I’ve been to many sites where I’ve clicked on the “About” page to learn more about the business, then found a good video sitting at the bottom of the page as I scrolled through.

Why would you bury the most interesting element on the page at the bottom where someone might miss it?

You Need a Website Video Plan

What I’m getting at here is you need to think strategically about where you place your video(s). Having a video to display is great, but you’re doing your site a disservice if you don’t figure out the best way to use it.

I’ve talked with a bunch of web developers about this and they all agree. You shouldn’t collect all your videos on a single “Videos” page and call it a day.

People don’t click the “Videos” page! They don’t arrive at your site wanting to watch your videos.

On the other hand, if you layer videos throughout your website, pairing a relevant video with a page they’re already interested in… then they watch!

A quick disclaimer

Now, before I go any further, I’m going to assume you like your video(s). If you don’t, if you’re not proud of them, don’t display them. Remember, videos are eye magnets. There’s no point in drawing attention to something that’s not going to reflect well on your company.

The One Video Every Company Needs

Alright, let’s start with an easy fix… the About Us video. If you can only afford one video, this is typically the one to produce. It shows people who you are and what you do. It’s the video that starts you down the path of earning that visitor’s trust.

The About Us video is a natural fit for… where? Don’t overthink this… it’s the “About” page. In some cases, you might put it on the “Home” page, but for the most part the “About” page is the natural location for this video.

And don’t be shy! Put that sucker up top where people are going to notice it. This is your chance to create a good first impression. We want them to see and click on the video.

Now let’s move on to the really good stuff. You know and understand the power of video, and you want to start adding videos to your website. What’s the best way to go about it?

Case Study: Orbit Media Studios

It should come as no surprise, but Orbit Media Studios totally gets it. The company’s team members not only talk-the-talk when it comes to website design and content creation, they walk-the-walk. They are some of the best in the business… bar none.

Disclosure time… Orbit is one of our customers and has been for years. Having said that, when I proclaim them as some of the best in the business… it’s just the truth. They design sites for major brands, and co-founder and CMO Andy Crestodina has been a keynote speaker at so many major marketing conferences I’ve lost track.

They’re the experts at this stuff. They’re big time.

So… when the Orbiteers decided to re-do their own website, we were honored when they asked us to produce some new videos for it.

The Orbit Strategy

Their plan… see, they had a plan going in!… was exactly what I recommend to most businesses, which is why they’re the perfect case study.

  • produce an About Us video highlighting who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart
  • identify your key business offerings (products and/or services), and create web pages for each one
  • produce a video on each of those business offerings
  • display the corresponding video on the page for each offering
    • learn more about layering video throughout your website from a presentation I gave at Content Marketing World (video)

In Orbit’s case, we produced an About Us video, and then videos focused on their main services, Strategy & Analytics, Web Design, Web Development, Analytics & Optimization.

Proudly Displayed

If you are looking for any further proof of how highly these website and content experts value video, simply click on each of those pages and see how they have chosen to display them.

They’re not sticking them on a “Videos” page, forcing people to seek them out. They’re not burying them at the bottom of each service page. Each video is the main component of each of those pages. You can’t miss them. The way they’re displayed screams, “Click me! Watch this video!”

Why do they value video so much? I’ll let Andy tell you himself. It’s the focus of what he talks about in a testimonial video he agreed to do for us.

More Website Video Options

Orbit did this with the various services they offer, but I know they have plans for additional videos as well and you should too. Here are some more ideas for website videos:

  • Testimonials: you just can’t go wrong with this. It’s one thing tooting your own horn, but when your customers do it for you, website visitors take notice.
  • Employee/Team Member Videos: we’re more likely buy from people we know and like. Let your prospects get to know your team by creating videos that shine a light on each of them!
  • Company Culture: if you’re proud of your company culture, show it off. If it looks like a good place to work, it’s probably a good place to do business as well.
  • Event Videos: hosting events is a great way to drum-up business. Producing a video during the event allows you to share it with people who couldn’t attend. The event effectively lives on after it’s over.
  • Community Support: do you give back to the community? These days consumers reward community-friendly companies with their businesses.

Hopefully, that gets you started. Again, if you can only produce one video, start with the About Us video. Then, move on from there.

You’re on your way to a digital platform you can be proud of!

Tony Gnau - T60 ProductionsTony Gnau is a three-time Emmy-winning journalist. He is also the founder and chief storytelling officer at T60 Productions. T60 has won 17 Telly Awards for its work.
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