Teaching The C-Suite Why Spin Sucks

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Whether it’s a small business owner or a big business executive working in the C-suite, there are many corporate leaders who need a crash course in modern communications. Thankfully, there’s a new guide to get them up to speed, Spin Sucks.

The first thing that came to mind after reading it is… this is the manual. The manual for business leaders trying to market their companies in our digital world. It’s bound to scare the crap out of them and excite them all at once.

Full disclosure

First thing’s first… you need to know that the book’s author, Gini Dietrich, is a T60 client and she has definitely become a friend over the last few years. T60 has produced videos for her communications company, Arment Dietrich, on several occasions and she and her team have referred their clients to us as well.

Having said that… the book is awesome. Take it with a grain of salt if you like, but I wouldn’t be putting that in writing if I didn’t believe it.

As a matter of fact, I plan on recommending the book to current and future clients to read. One of the things we frequently tell clients is that producing a video isn’t good enough. It’s one tactic in what should be a greater digital communications strategy. This book can be the first step in building that foundation.

"Spin Sucks" Book Review

Spin Sucks… the blog and the book

If you’re new to Spin Sucks or Gini, here’s a brief background. Spin Sucks is actually a blog… a pretty important blog. It’s without question one of the most-read and well-respected blogs covering marketing, public relations, and communications. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best in the industry, and it receives an average of 43,000 readers a month.

What? You’re interested in the title? What’s the deal with that? Well, I’ll let Gini tell you herself. Just watch the video.

The majority of people who read the blog and participate with comments work in and around that field. The book, on the other hand, is intended more for corporate executives. Decision makers at companies and organizations who need an education on how the world of PR and marketing are changing.

PR and marketing folks will also enjoy it, but it will likely be familiar territory. If anything, the book might give them good ammunition to better explain to their bosses or clients what it is they do.

"Spin Sucks" Book Review


Like I mentioned, I plan on recommending the book to our clients. It truly is a manual for digital communications and a guide to building an effective PR and marketing strategy. It’s a quick read and well worth it.

Spin may suck, but the Spin Sucks book is helpful guide in today’s digital world.

–Tony Gnau


Tony Gnau - T60 ProductionsTony Gnau is the Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer at T60 Productions. He’s a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, has led T60 Productions to winning 18 Telly Awards for its corporate videos, and is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Lights, Camera, Impact: storytelling, branding, and production tips for engaging corporate videos.”