Reason For Hiring A Video Professional

Reason For Hiring A Video ProfessionalA couple of weeks ago, I was asked by the smart folks at Spin Sucks to write a few things about the benefits of hiring a video professional. I made some good points, if I do say so myself, but there’s one I left out.


When you hire a video pro, you’re getting someone who sees the world differently. Where most people might just see people sitting at desks or products being produced, a video professional is seeing shadows, potential camera angles, opportunities for interviews… the list goes on and on.

They also “see” story ideas all around them. Story ideas that are right in front of most people but go unnoticed.
When I walk around a company for the first time, these are the things I’m seeing. My clients are often pleasantly surprised by the video(s) they get back because they’re so used to seeing what’s around their business they sometimes forget what it looks like to fresh eyes. That’s what a video pro brings to the table.

A Walk In The Park

One of the things I do to reinvigorate my perspective is… well… I walk.

I love to walk. I live in a big city where walking is a practical way to get from place to place. As a matter of fact, I walk to work everyday. It’s something I have really grown to love.

It’s good from an activity standpoint, it saves on gas, and besides the occasional polar vortex… it’s a nice way to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis.

The fresh air, the sights, the sounds… I love it. Walking puts your senses on high alert… a good thing for a video producer. But even a walk to work can become routine, until you shake it up.

IMG_3877Path Less Traveled

Two weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to shoot a video series for The Marine Mammal Center. It was a fun shoot, but one of the best parts was I got to live in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for a week (the Marin Headlands) and I got to walk to work.

You want to talk about an awesome walk to work! Surrounded by wildlife, listening to the Pacific Ocean surf crashing on the shore… pretty awesome stuff. It was a welcome break from the norm.

Hiring A Professional Video Producer With Fresh Eyes

Having been back for over a week now, my usual walks to work are refreshed. I’m looking at the same houses in a different way. I’m noticing little changes to landscaping.  In short, I’m seeing things differently. I’m seeing them with fresh eyes.

Hiring a video pro is like taking a new way into work. It’s like walking a different path around the office cubicles. Only you don’t need to think about it… it’s just one of the benefits your video pro will bring.

–Tony Gnau

Photos from my walk to work in the Marin Headlands







Tony Gnau - T60 ProductionsTony Gnau is the Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer at T60 Productions. He’s a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, has led T60 Productions to winning 18 Telly Awards for its corporate videos, and is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Lights, Camera, Impact: storytelling, branding, and production tips for engaging corporate videos.”