Put Your Business In A Good Light

One of the great things about video is it allows you to shape a first impression, and that can be done in more ways than one. Sure, you can craft your message, but don’t overlook the obvious.

I received a reminder on this over the weekend during a video shoot for DuPage Habitat for Humanity. We were all set to capture one of the group’s builds for a promotional video we’re producing when it started to rain… big time! Now, we could have still made the situation work, but why?

There isn’t a tight deadline here, better to come back and shoot on a nice day. It’s more representative of what most builds are like, and it’ll put the organization in a better light… literally.

Squeezing in another shoot to offset an unexpected hurdle might be a challenge for you, but it’ll make for a better video in the long run.

–Tony Gnau