My Wife Now “Gets” It, Do You?

Here’s a recent email from my wife you might find interesting…

Honestly, you’d think as your wife I’d be fully sold on the power of video, but I’m still a little skeptical at times.  This experience has perhaps pushed me over the limit to understanding “the power”.

You might be asking yourself, “What ‘experience’ is she talking about!?” Well, I’ll tell you.

It started last year

Last year, Mrs. G’s alma mater sent out a holiday email that contained a fun video. It made quite an impression because she said when she got this year’s email she opened it excited to see what they put together this year.

Only problem… no video. In Mrs. G’s words…

Just a longish note (didn’t even read the whole thing).

What we can learn from this experience

First, look at the impact last year’s video had on her. She told me flat-out, she was looking forward to this year’s email. That’s the power of quality video. Do a good job connecting with your audience and people will crave your content.

Second, look at the negative impact when you produce a good video, and then don’t follow it up with more. She didn’t even read the rest of the email. It was discarded.

This is why I constantly encourage businesses to look for opportunities to produce a series of short videos instead of one long video. The more quality videos you produce, the more likely you are to build a following… people craving your content.

Mrs. G “gets” it now. She was hooked after one good video. Imagine the impact when you produce a whole series of good videos. Imagine the brand loyalty you can build when you make video an important part of your marketing strategy.

That’s the power of video.

–Tony Gnau