Goose Island’s Marketing Success Sudsing Over

I was excited to see an article at yesterday about Goose Island Beer Company’s expansion. Their success appears to be sudsing over, and it’s no wonder… they have a great product and a terrific marketing team.

We’ve been privileged to work with them on several occasions (T60-Goose Island Videos), but I always go back to our first meeting when thinking about their creativity.

The majority of video work we do these days is bound for the web, so when I first met with the Goose Island team I was surprised to find out they wanted videos for nine beers and none of them were for the company website.

Those videos have since landed there… why not, right?… but their original audiences were wholesalers and retailers. Their marketing strategy was to send these people videos about their beers so they would be better educated about the products. The marketing team figured wholesalers have to sell Goose Island to retailers… retailers have to sell Goose Island to the public… so why not make sure both groups know a little something about the beers to help those sales pitches.

That was a few years ago.  Now they’re bursting at the seams and looking for more space. Sounds like there’s been barely enough time to relax and have a beer, but I guess when beer is your business that’s probably not the case.

–Tony Gnau

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