Google Executive Touts Video

The American Marketing Association of Chicago is getting ready for its BrandSmart conference. They sent out a video late last week previewing the event featuring Ted Souder, Google’s Head of Industry-Retail.

He talks about two things important for businesses to get a handle on… mobile and video. Souder says,

Video has really gone from the days of dogs skateboarding and kids doing back-flips off parking garages to real content, professionally done content.

It’s not just me

You get this from me four days a week here at this blog. Maybe you listen, maybe you don’t. Maybe you sometimes chalk it up to… there’s goes Tony again. Preaching about home important it is for companies to harness the power of video.

Google’s bigwigs get it

This time it isn’t me though. It’s a Google bigwig. Think they know something about business and marketing?

They see the value in video, and so should you.

–Tony Gnau

For the record… T60 is an official sponsor for AMA-Chicago and does produce event preview videos for the organization, but the video mentioned above doesn’t happen to be one.