Gini Dietrich Adds To My Must-Read List

Another book to read. I feel like my list never gets any shorter. This time it’s courtesy Gini Dietrich.

Gini is a marketing and public relations pro, and she may very well work 25-hours a day. She apparently wrote this book on weekends. Can you say, “overachiever!?”

Actually, she’s pretty awesome. We’ve only known each other for a little over a year, but she’s taught me a lot. My PR/marketing education started by reading her hugely success blog (, continued with our occasional get-togethers, and will move forward when I download the Kindle version of Marketing in the Round.

She and her co-author Geoff Livingston are breaking down corporate silos and sharing their marketing strategies with all of us. T60 shot a video for the book launch today, and we hope to roll it out soon.

Bottom line, these two know what they’re talking about. They’re big time, and you should probably add their book to your must-read list as well.

–Tony Gnau