BrandSmart Presenters Turn To Video

BrandSmart 2012 turned out to be an interesting education. The annual event thrown by the Chicago Chapter of the American Marketing Association brought together all sorts of marketing bigwigs.

It was an education for me because while T60 works as an arm of the marketing business, it’s only part of what we do. We’re not immersed in all aspects of the industry everyday, so it was interesting hearing about where things appear to be going.

Video was certainly discussed and I’ll blog more about that later this week (PLUG!), but today I’m going to touch on a simple observation. Virtually every presenter at BrandSmart used video during their presentation.

Now, we’ve done a bunch of videos for clients who wanted them specifically for a live presentation at meetings or conferences. Lincoln Park Zoo and Glenwood Academy jump to mind. Videos like these are great because instead of just delivering information from a presenter standing on stage, you can add dynamic and interesting storytelling.

Here’s the thing that struck me though at BrandSmart. The presenters were experienced marketers. They understand storytelling and how to capture an audience. They do it everyday. Their livelihood depends on it, and these people chose video to help them connect with the BrandSmart audience.

If that isn’t an endorsement for video, I don’t know what is.

Using video during your typical speech, presentation or corporate event can turn it into something special.

–Tony Gnau