Behind-The-Scenes And Showing Why It Matters

Taking customers and prospects behind-the-scenes at your business is a great way to show them why you’re the one they should hire. And while one video is great, a series of behind-the-scenes videos is event better.

Need an example? I continue to use my Alma Mater. The University of Southern California athletic department’s leaders produce tons of videos, and none better than the ones that take us beyond the football field.

They’ve shown us how coaches motivate their players, student-athletes having fun around campus, even players taking a humanitarian mission to Haiti. All of the videos offer USC alumni and fans a look at life off the field.

The latest example is the school’s preseason edition, and it offers a valuable lesson. USC just opened a new athletic facility. It’s AMAZING! The video takes us into the new building. We hear from the players about what they like, but most of the comments are focused on how the facility should impact play on the field.

In many cases, it’s not enough to take someone behind-the-scenes. You have to give them a reason for why it matters. USC’s video makes things clear… improved training rooms keep players healthy, a lounge helps build team unity and the new facility provides extra incentive to “earn the building.”

Your videos need to do the same thing. If you’re going to show people how you make your products, make sure they understand how your process impacts price, quality, whatever sets you apart. If you’re showing how your team works together, highlight how that teamwork impacts the customer’s experience.

Take customers and prospects behind-the-scenes, but make sure your videos are still focused on them.

–Tony Gnau