BEER WEEK Video #4: Sofie Belgian Style Ale

Sofie Belgian Style Ale is one of the new videos we produced in this latest production run for Goose Island Beer Company, and it’s going to have special meaning to my fiancé Katie, A.K.A. T60’s V.P. of Marketing, and me in the future.

We’re getting married next month and Sofie will be one of the beers served at the wedding. It’s a brunch reception, and the beers we offer will all come from Goose Island. 312 simply because it’s Chicago’s beer, Honker’s Ale because it’s the bride’s favorite, and Sofie because the experts at Goose Island said it will pair perfectly with brunch.

Katie also pointed out Sofie’s packaging happens to coordinate well with our wedding colors… so bonus!

–Tony Gnau

WATCH THE VIDEO: Sofie Belgian Style Ale