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Whether you’re a big corporation looking for an affordable way to produce many videos, or a small business that just needs a solid video explaining who you are and what you do… we’re your video production company.

There are all sorts of ways to tell a story, but our easy 3-step process takes the guess work out. Need an About Us video? How about a product video or a testimonial? We have a 3-step process for telling many types of stories.

Amazing Price Points

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 Here’s How Our 3-Step Process Works

  1. INTERVIEW: videographer conducts a single interview with someone on-camera, asking three simple questions (we’re big on three’s), taking just 5-10 minutes.
  2. B-ROLL: raw video (known in the biz as “b-roll”) will be shot around the business/organization, taking just 45-minutes.
  3. EDITING: answers obtained from the interview will be trimmed and edited together into a 1-minute story. Then, raw video, a royalty-free music bed, and a call-to-action are added.

That’s our 3-Step Storytelling Process in a nutshell!

What you WON'T Get

A big reason our 3-Step Process is so inexpensive.

Here’s something you won’t get… revisions. While you’ll have an opportunity to review for accuracy, our 3-Step process does not include the ability for you to make creative changes.

“But there’s just this one little thing I’d like to change.” Sorry… not gonna do it. Here’s why:

  • revisions are known to eat time… for us and you.

One of the biggest reasons we’re able to keep the price down for these videos is that we have a time structure for getting them done. Eliminating the revisions process saves both of us time and you money.

A little nervous? Here’s why you shouldn’t be:

  • our network of videographers are pros, real pros. They’re awesome at what they do.
  • our work speaks for itself. Just take a look at our sample work.
  • if you feel like you need more control over the project, you have another option. Try our Full Service Storytelling.

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