Affordable Video Production Costs

Video production doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We make video production costs affordable with prices to meet almost every budget.

Also important to note, we’re not here to sell you a video. SAY WHAT!? If you need help telling your story, we are here to serve you. Whether it’s starting from scratch, or executing a plan you developed on your own. We are here to serve you… not sell you.

To that end, we are extremely upfront with our pricing and encourage you to find out how we determine the cost of your project.

Looking for some ballpark numbers? Take a look at the basic price points below, then contact us for a quote!

Full-Service Storytelling | starting at $4000 (average price $5500)

T60 unleashes all of its storytelling talents for your business.


  • multiple interviews with team members and/or clients
  • raw video (b-roll) shot in and around your business
  • tailoring a story to compliment your marketing
  • script creation requiring client approval
  • video editing requiring client approval
  • royalty-free background music

LEARN MORE about the Full-Service Storytelling process

Full-Service Storytelling: Video Examples

3-Step Storytelling | $1000

30-60 second videos featuring your business, product, or service.


  • a 1-hour video shoot
  • an on-camera interview with a company representative
  • a small amount of raw video shot around the business
  • royalty-free background music
  • video editing

LEARN MORE about the 3-Step Storytelling process

3-Step Storytelling: Video Examples


A la carte | $1200/day ($800/half-day)

Available services…

  • script writing
  • freelance videographer
  • video editing
  • voice-over work


DIY Video Consulting | starting at $1200

For companies or organizations producing their own videos, T60’s storytelling experts visit your business and coach in-house team members how to shoot, edit and tell stories like a pro.  Read More


How-To Figure Out Video Production Cost

We’re very open about our pricing. We want you to understand where your money is going and what we’re doing to earn it. The following blog post breaks down how we put a price on your project. Read More


The final price is based on the number of shoots, days to edit, video length, deadline for the project and sometimes travel expenses.

A 50% deposit is required.

Get a quote today!

See video examples here, or contact us and we’ll select samples specifically relevant to your project.