Zoo Babies Good For Business

We’ve featured Lincoln Park Zoo a lot here at T60. LPZ is a regular client, and as you might imagine… a pretty fun client to have. This week is a prime example of why.

A baby gorilla was born last week at the zoo. Things are very secretive when a zoo baby is born. They like to keep it under wraps until the baby is ready for all the attention it’s going to get, so I was excited when I received the top-secret email over the weekend wondering if I was available for a shoot on Monday.

Video adds appeal to your media releases

See… Lincoln Park Zoo does it right. Leaders there understand how to use the media room at their website. They wanted quality video to post that journalists and bloggers could share with their audiences. Enter T60.

How often will you see businesses post a news release at their media page and nothing more? Maybe the occasional photo or two? Not LPZ. They understand the power of video. A zoo baby means media attention. Even a news release is going to get stories, but adding photos and video puts it over the top.

costs less than you think

Here’s a surprising tidbit as well. It doesn’t cost much. A simple broll shoot like this (baby gorilla video) will likely costs hundreds of dollars… not thousands. Our broll packages start at $500. PLUG!

So… does your media center contain video? Next time you send out a news release, include some photos and video and compare the coverage to the last time you sent out a release. You’ll be surprised how enticing video can be.

–Tony Gnau