Woof! Marketing Videos Have Gone To The Dogs

dog food displayMarketing videos are constantly popping up in new and interesting places. Something I was reminded of as I walked the aisles of my local pet store the other day.

There it was… front and center. A big display of designer dog food with a video to show you what’s unique about the product. There was a TV¬†screen attached to the shelves.

This particular brand features different flavors that you can mix and match according to the dog’s taste. The video featured someone demonstrating how it’s done.

I don’t know… good idea… stupid idea? You be the judge. Funny thing is I ended up standing there and watching because I was curious. I later spotted a couple of other people doing the same.

That’s one of the¬†powers of video. It grabs people’s attention. If there hadn’t been a video, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the display. I don’t even have a dog… we have two cats.

I’m thinking that video was a pretty good idea after all.

–Tony Gnau