Whole Foods Fresh Videos

I went to the Whole Foods website yesterday to see if they carry a specific product and found something even better… videos. Not just any videos, but well-done PR and marketing videos.

Here’s a company whose leaders are doing it right. By all means, please check out their video page. They have cooking demonstrations, features on store openings, examples of community projects, even an ongoing series called Hungry For More. It’s a Food Network/Travel Channel-style production that highlights the products you’ll find at Whole Foods and how they’re made.

Wow! Have they been reading this blog!?

One of the best things about a lot of the videos is that they aren’t even about Whole Foods. I mean, they are about Whole Foods in a greater sense. The videos just aren’t saying, “Look at us! Look at us! Aren’t we great!?”

This is the type of video content more corporate leaders need to be creating. By highlighting their vendors and communities, the company shines.

Funny how that works.

–Tony Gnau