Warrenville Police Marketing Lessons

We recently finished the Warrenville Police Department recruiting video, and their leadership did a lot of things right during the process that deserve mentioning. Here’s a few…

First, leaders identified a problem and developed a plan to deal with it. They want to attract the best and brightest recruits graduating from the police academy, and they decided to use the power of video to show them what their department is all about.

Second, they knew their audience. Graduating recruits are eager and looking for opportunities to put their new skills to work, so everything from the message to the music and shooting style were done with that in mind.

Finally, department leaders didn’t micromanage. They know they’re not marketing experts, so they put forth some basic guidelines and turned it over to some pros.

The end result… a video sure to appeal to the police recruits they’re chasing.

–Tony Gnau

VIDEO: Warrenville Police Recruiting