Walking The Walk

T60 websiteWell… this is the week. I’ve been wanting to update T60’s website for a couple of years, and I believe today might be the day it goes live.

I typically try to avoid tooting our own horn here on the blog, but in this case I think there’s something to learn from what we’re doing.

Assuming the launch goes well today, I’ll spend the rest of the week blogging about some of the things we did at the website. Basically, I put our money where our mouth has been the last 5oo blog posts.

A solid About Us video… we have one. A video series featuring our clients… there’s one of those as well. Just a couple of examples of things I’ve been blogging about that we have now incorporated into our own marketing strategy.

I’ll have more on those and other things we’ve done to make our website a rich viewing experience for our clients and prospects, so please join us here the rest of the week.

–Tony Gnau