Video Samples / Vlog

T60 vlogs once a month about issues important to marketing, public relations and video production professionals.

Vlog: Video's Role In Content Marketing
Time: 1:11
Content marketing experts talk about video's role.


Vlog: Joe Pulizzi On Video Content Marketing
Time: 1:28
Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, on video content marketing.


Vlog: Disruption Marketing
Time: 1:57
Tony Gnau, T60's Chief Storytelling Officer, on disruption marketing.


Vlog: tips for picking a video production company
Time: 2:05
Tips for picking a video production company


Vlog: Key Ingredient to Content Marketing...Storytelling
Time: 1:55
Key ingredient to content marketing


Vlog: how-to help tell your company's story
Time: 2:51
Forget about facts and figures and use storytelling to sell your business.


Vlog: DIY vs. Pro Video Production
Time: 3:07
A lot of companies attempt "Do It Yourself" video production. In some cases that's okay, but many times it's a bad idea. T60's Chief Storytelling Officer explains why DIY video can do more harm than good.