Virgin America Event Videos Take Flight

Courtesy: Virgin America

Virgin Airlines knows how to throw a party. Every time the airline lands in a new city, they throw a huge bash… and produce a video. The most recent example is Philadelphia.

This is one of my favorite things to pitch to corporate leaders and PR/marketing pros. If you’re about to spend thousands of dollars on a party, you should absolutely work video production into the budget.

Think about it. This is an event where you are hoping to make a splash. It’s something you want people to talk about and remember, and we now have social media to help.

Video takes things to a whole new level. Capturing the event… the spirit behind that event… and having a video to share? Invaluable.

That video can be sent to everyone who attended, and even better to everyone who couldn’t be there. Your event can now live even after it’s ended, being shared by people over and over.

When you’re planning an event… don’t forget video.

–Tony Gnau