What’s VIP Video Club?

It’s kind of like a retainer, but not really.

We HATE traditional retainers. You get busy, the month passes, and next thing you know you’ve paid for a service you never used. Sound familiar?

Our plan is better.

VIP Video Club provides an agreement to perform regular, ongoing video production services at a fixed cost for an agreed to amount of time… but we help you stay on track.


What makes it different?

Well… a few things… first, we have a video production points system (explained below) that’s pretty easy to understand.

Second, we let you accumulate and use the points over the course of a quarter, as opposed to a single month.

Finally, not only will we produce your videos, we’re your video marketing consultants. We will help with video ideas for using the points you build up. 


Who should consider our VIP video Club?

B2B / B2C Companies & Non-profits

  • Any business/organization producing videos on a regular basis.
    • Think across departments… marketing, internal communications, HR, etc. They can all share the VIP Club membership points to produce videos for their department!

Communications Firms: PR, marketing, web design

  • Allow your clients to use your VIP Video Club membership points to produce videos promoting their businesses… or use them for your own business… or a combination of both.


Membership Has Its Privileges

First thing you should know… we don’t accept everyone into the club. It’s not you, it’s us. Really.

We don’t want you to commit your time and money to an agreement like this if we don’t feel like we can deliver to you the service and savings you deserve.

We’ll start with a short phone call to learn more about you and your needs, followed by a meeting to discuss a club package that might make sense, and then we’ll both decide if it’s a good fit.

Maybe you want to do a test run by producing a single video with us first? We’re good with that too.


VIP Video Club Benefits

Time Saver

No more having to research video companies, now you have one ready to go when needed.


You know the video you’ll be getting is top-notch and the people behind it are easy to work with.


We usually require a signed contract and deposit to secure shoot dates. Club members can reserve potential shoots instantly and make changes when needed.


Our video crew becomes an extension of your own team, sharing your vision and goals for your communications strategy. You’ll also be able to establish a consistent branding within your videos.


The effectiveness of quality video increases the more videos you produce and share. Becoming a member will encourage you to keep at it. 


Need suggestions on videos to create? We’ll talk with you quarterly to discuss options for videos you can produce in the coming months, that way you’re not struggling to come up with ideas at the last minute. We’ll also send you a monthly email to keep you on track.


You might be wondering… what if we don’t produce a video one month? No problem. Our points system (explained below) allows you to spend points over the course of a quarter, not by the month. This tends to solve that problem, but even if you have leftover points at the end of the quarter, we’ll have a deal in place to rollover at least some of those leftovers.

Easy Budgeting

Video pricing can fluctuate quite a bit depending on the project, which makes budgeting for future projects tough. Joining the VIP Video Club gives you a consistent cost, making budgeting for video a snap.


You didn’t think we’d forget about this, did you?!

Our average video costs $5500. If you join the VIP Video Club, you get an instant savings on every video. The bigger the package you select, the less you pay per video.

Agency Bonus

This one is huge for communications firms and agencies. Figure out how much more you would need to collectively charge your clients to have them cover the cost of club membership. Then, you have a video crew on the ready to produce videos for those clients (or for your own firm), whenever needed.

Spreading the cost across all your clients means they pay for the membership package, not you.

Corporate & Non-Profit Bonus

Let’s say you work in-house at a company or non-profit. One way to take the sting out of the membership cost is to spread it out across a few departments. Marketing, PR, HR, internal communications… they all need videos. If every department kicks-in a little from their budget and share the membership, all of sudden it’s easier to pay for.




How Does It Work?

We based our plan on the two types of videos we typically produce for customers. We’ll call them Basic videos and Storytelling videos.

  • a Basic video is, well, just a basic video. Maybe you only need some raw video shot and handed over. Maybe you already have video and just need it edited. Or maybe you need us to shoot and edit, but you provide the script. Regardless, it’s the type of thing that tends to require less production time on our end.
  • a Storytelling video is our Full-Service Storytelling. We shoot, edit, and develop the story.

Video Production Points

Our plan creates a production points system:

  • 1-point for a Basic video
  • 2-points for a Storytelling video

The customer pays a monthly fee for a certain amount of production points that can be used over the course of a quarter.

So let’s say we agree to 6-points per quarter. You could then use those points for any combination of videos you prefer.

For example, two Storytelling videos and two basic videos. Or, maybe you want six Basic videos.

The idea is the production points system allows you and us to customize the retainer according to your communication needs.

And remember… you’re not on your own here. We’re happy to help you plan how to use these points. We don’t want them to go to waste!


We know… tell us what this thing costs already!

Well, depending on how many points you want to purchase, here are some packages to choose from.


VIP Video Club Packages

Of course, we’re happy to customize something just for you as well.

Have Cameras, Will Travel

While we’re based in the Midwest, we travel the nation telling our customers’ stories, and our club members get a special perk.

Normally, we charge for the time it takes us to get to and from the shoot. That’s $900 per leg of the trip.

However, Club members only pay the travel expenses, and we don’t fly first-class, stay at the Ritz, or eat fancy steak dinners. 😉

That’s an $1800 savings right off the top of every project involving travel.



Our Customers Love Us

Having customers all over the country, we get to work with some pretty awesome communications pros.

We’re super proud of the many relationships we’ve built. One of them is with Gini Dietrich… agency CEO,  author, keynote speaker, founder of Spin Sucks… is there anything she can’t do?!

She’s a communications expert you should follow… and one you can trust.



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