Communications Experts Trust Tony

In my mind, there is no one better at video storytelling than Tony Gnau. Not only is he an award-winning journalist, he has an uncanny ability to make something big and hairy seem very achievable.

There is no one better to speak, write, or produce on the topic.

-Gini Dietrich | Spin Sucks

Tony knows so much about the topic of storytelling and media, it’s no wonder that he’s a great presenter. I thought I knew everything about this topic, but I still found myself taking notes. He’s got timeless lessons for a trending topic.

Tony’s a great addition to any event lineup of speakers.

-Andy Crestodina | Orbit Media Studios

Tony is knowledgable and authoritative but he also speaks the language of the non-technical person, so his advice is practical, his presentation style is engaging, and the real world examples he offers are fun and interesting.

The hour flew by!

-Rob Biesenbach | 11 Deadly Presentation Sins

Meet Tony Gnau

Tony Gnau is the Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer at T60 Productions. After spending a decade as a TV news reporter, he knows how to connect with a live audience. His energy and insights result in happy and engaged event attendees.

  • 3 Emmy Awards
  • 17 Telly Awards
  • 700+ blog posts on video marketing

Learn More About Tony!

See him in action!

Tony likes to make sure he delivers practical lessons attendees can learn from and apply at work.

Take a look at some highlights from recent events in his speaker reel. ►►►

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Event Planners & Attendees Love His Presentations


I’ve never seen so many people taking notes!

Lots of great tips and things to think about with using video for an effective way to communicate with your audiences.

-Ana Klackle Evans | President, AMA Southwest Michigan


Tony was a speaker at our event, Experience Inbound. His presentation was engaging and informative with actionable takeaways for our participants.

We’ve had excellent feedback on his session – he was one of the standouts of the event.

-Linda Kyzar | Former Marketing & SEO Director, Stream Creative


By far my favorite presentation at Experience Inbound. Tony made it clear that video content must tell a story to be compelling, and even went on to describe where to find stories in any company. I left Tony’s session with several ideas and an eagerness to generate quality video content for my organization.

-Justen Preiss | Analytical Marketing & Design Project Manager


Tony Gnau from T60 Productions provided valuable tips and examples of using video to connect emotionally with your audience and gain their trust. In addition, he explained how every business has a unique story. It is that story that makes your business stand out from your competitors.

-Sherri Darby | Marketing/Communications Manager


Great speaker! He implemented a lot of great videos that kept the juices flowing. Make the connection and emotion before anything else in a video. Then, PROMOTE IT! Don’t let it die.

-Lisa Zilinsky | Marketing Communication Specialist



Virtual Presentations


If you’ve ever attended a virtual event, you’ve seen the typical virtual presentation. The speaker shares his or her screen and they appear as a tiny talking head in the corner.


This is NOT how Tony does a virtual presentation!

Hello? He’s a video producer… virtual presentations are right in his wheelhouse!

Take a look at a few highlights from his 2020 Content Marketing World presentation to see how he spices things up.

And if you’d like to see the full presentation, get in touch!


Listen to this Programming Director


“At the end of the day, we wanted people to take home deliverable action items that they can implement in their own lives, and the event with Tony absolutely delivered on that.”


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Speaking Topics


While Tony has various topics he regularly speaks on, he always does his best to tailor his presentations to the specific group he’s addressing.


Suggested Keynotes

Videos Winning Hearts and Minds: taking a more human approach to marketing videos

  • Everyone wants a video these days, but not all videos are created equal. To get your message to sink-in, you need to reach your audience on a human level. Emmy-winner Tony Gnau from T60 Productions will show you how to look at your video projects differently and turn your observations into stories that connect with your audience. He provides a helpful and practical guide to follow as you create your videos.


The Storytelling Solution: harnessing the power of stories for getting your message across and selling just about anything

  • Whether you need to make a sale, get buy-in from employees, or advance your own career… telling stories can help you achieve your goals. Emmy-winner Tony Gnau from T60 Productions will show you where to find stories and how to use them in a way that will endear you to people and ensure they remember you.


Suggested Breakout Sessions

Video for Content Marketing: how-to layer video throughout your marketing ecosystem

  • Video marketing continues to rise in popularity, and more and more businesses are jumping onboard. The problem? Many companies under-utilize this terrific tactic. Emmy-winner Tony Gnau from T60 Productions will talk about the types of videos you should be producing, and how to use them throughout your inbound marketing campaigns.


Allowing Candidates to Peek Behind the Curtain: creating a good first impression using video

  • In a world where job candidates can go online to learn about your company before they ever reach out to you, it’s critical to put your best digital foot forward. And one of the best ways to do it… video. Emmy-winner Tony Gnau from T60 Productions will talk about the types of videos you should be producing to get the best candidates to apply to your company, and how to make them in a way that delivers an authentic message.


Suggested Workshops

Baiting the Hook: How to Use Video to Build Trust and Boost Sales

  • During this immersive workshop, you’ll learn how to produce better corporate videos. Emmy winner Tony Gnau from T60 Productions will provide helpful ideas on everything from selling the higher-ups on why video is important to practical tips on producing your own videos. Other topics will include…
    • to DIY, or not to DIY
    • hands-on training with DIY video gear
    • information vs. storytelling
    • how to layer video throughout your website and sales funnel


2022 Events

Here are some of the upcoming events where you can see Tony speak!


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