Video Marketing Newsletter (Goose Island Beer)

The a, b, c’s of 312

Goose Island Beer Company uses video to educate and motivate.

According to the Chicago Tribune, domestic beer sales are down, but Goose Island Beer Company is projecting a big increase in its numbers.  No doubt great beer is at the root of the company’s success, but video marketing also plays an important role.

When we first met with Goose Island leaders, we thought for sure they would want to post videos on their web site and send email blasts with the links to beer drinkers.  Ten videos later and the general public hasn’t seen even one.

Instead, Goose Island had a great idea to send videos via the Internet to wholesalers and retailers.  The company uses them to educate and motivate the very people selling the beer to the public.

The most recent case is a video we produced to help Goose Island highlight the company’s commitment to strengthening the 312 brand.

Watch the Video: