Video Is Art, Not A Widget

There are a few things to consider when hiring a video producer, but one of the most important things… and most overlooked… is to remember that you’re hiring an artist.

You might buy lots of widgets at your business… from cleaning supplies to top of the line computers. Your video producer does not fall into this category.

Sure, we provide you with a product at the end, but it’s the artistic vision that goes into creating it that sets each of us apart from one another.

This is one area where saving a few bucks shouldn’t be your goal. I’m telling you… you can always find someone on craigslist to produce a video on the cheap. The problem is you’ll end up with a cheap video at the end.

Set your budget and go looking for someone who fits that budget. Narrow it down to 2-3 people/companies based on price, then watch their work.

Look at the shooting style, pay attention to the editing, but more than anything… follow the story. Do they tell a good story? Do they tell it in a compelling way?

When you find that person, you’ve found your artist.

–Tony Gnau