Full-Service Storytelling

Starting at $4000 (average price $5500)

T60 unleashes all of its storytelling talents for your business.


  • multiple interviews with team members and/or clients
  • raw video (b-roll) shot in and around your business
  • tailoringĀ a story to compliment your marketing
  • script creation requiring client approval
  • video editing requiring client approval
  • royalty-free background music

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Full-Service Storytelling: Video Examples

3-Step Storytelling

Flat fee of $1000

30-60 second videos featuring your business, product, or service.


  • a 1-hour video shoot
  • an on-camera interview with a company representative
  • a small amount of raw video shot around the business
  • royalty-free background music
  • video editing

LEARN MORE about the 3-Step Storytelling process

3-Step Storytelling: Video Examples

Cost Confusion?

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The last thing we want is for you to be unsure about cost. That’s why we write about it… A LOT! As a matter of fact, Google “video production cost” and you’re bound to find our most-read blog post near the top:

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