Video At The Speed Of Government

Millions of Americans… forking over millions of dollars to Uncle Sam. Paying your taxes can be a painful experience, whether you’re writing a check or just trying to figure out what you owe.

Need some help? How about advice from the IRS? You can find it on YouTube. That’s right, the federal government has a bunch of playlists featuring tax tips.

I watched a few, and I won’t sugar coat it. They are booorrrring! Professionally produced, but boring.

Here’s my takeaway though… the channel has more than 3.3 million views. The IRS has expertise people want, and people are watching.

Are you or your business an expert on something? Are you producing videos that offer that expertise? No? Why not!?

I know change is hard. You might have a tough time getting people within a company on-board doing something like this, but here’s the thing. Is there any group that moves slower than government? Governments move at… well… the speed of government. They make the┬átortoise look like the hare.

If someone with the government has convinced their higher-ups to jump on the video train… why can’t you?

–Tony Gnau