Value-Added Service For PR And Marketing Pros

If you’re at a small or medium PR/marketing firm, video can be a great value-added service you can supply to clients. You can even do it better than big firms that produce video in-house.

There are lots of terrific storytellers out there, and chances are they would jump at an opportunity to work with you and your firm. I’m speaking from experience here.

However, I stop short in referring to this as a partnership because you don’t have to tie your organization down to just one video producer. PR and marketing pros should maintain relationships with a few video professionals. They all have different styles and price-points, so it’s good to have a few in mind when speaking with clients.

This actually provides you with an advantage over big firms that produce video in-house. Having a choice of producers means being able to pair the right client with the right production team. That’s something a big firm won’t be able to offer.

–Tony Gnau