Upgrading Your Standard Vlog

Vlogs are simple videos that do a great job of getting a message out to the masses. It’s one of the easiest things businesses can do to establish themselves as experts, and something I especially recommend to CEOs.

All they have to do is sit down in front of the camera… and talk from the heart. Whether it’s about something their company is doing, or something that’s affecting their industry. Creating a vlog is a great way to talk directly to customers, prospects, employees and peers in your field.

The key is to produce them on a regular basis. Once a month, once a week, whatever you choose… just do it on a consistence basis. The payoff is that the more people see you, the more they’ll begin to trust you. That’s the power of video.

A lot of people produce these videos themselves using the camera on their computer, a FlipCam or the camera on their mobile phone. I’m here to tell you though, even a vlog can use a professional touch. A pro can take a boring vlog and turn it into a polished message befitting the reputation your company.

Even better… a professionally produced vlog won’t cost you much.

T60 is working on a vlog series as we speak… for a very popular PR pro… but more on that tomorrow.

–Tony Gnau