Unpopular Answer To Many Questions

I don’t care if you’re a solopreneur or CEO at a Fortune 500 company, money is always an issue. The number one question I get asked about video… how much does it cost?

I’m not afraid to answer that question. You’ll find T60 is a rarity in the video world. We actually post prices on our website. Of course, those are ballpark figures. Every project is unique, but I at least wanted to give people some sort of idea of what we charge.

Wants and needs

Which leads me to the subject at hand. We have all sorts of wants and needs at T60 right now, and everything costs money. I’d love to just write a check and get everything all at once, but that’s not realistic so we’re doing something radical.

We’re budgeting. Every creative person out there just got a cold chill. I’m with you, but it’s necessary if we want to achieve our goals.

We’re in the process of a complete website overhaul, and it’s just about time to upgrade our camera and editing suite. There’s a lot involved. We can’t do it all at once so we’re saving money, earmarking it for the things we value, and making purchases as we get the cash.

Video budgeting

Video is interesting. You can have it produced for as little as $500, or it could cost $20,000. There’s all sort of variables. So you know what you need to do… budget. Talk to producers ahead of time. Get an idea of what your video will cost before you set your budget.

FYI… this also happens to be true with anything you need to buy for your business. Save, save, save!

You’ll thank me later.

–Tony Gnau

p.s. T60 is debt free and doesn’t have a credit card or line of credit. Yes, it is possible. THANK YOU Dave Ramsey.