Ugg… How To Avoid Some Technical Difficulties

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.51.02 PMHave you ever experienced technical difficulties?

Ridiculous question, right? We all have. We live in a world of technical difficulties. Video production is riddled with them. The equipment we work with everyday could fail at anytime. The trick is how you deal with it.

Hello, this is tech support

I’m trying to work some through issues right now. I’m serious. As I write this, I’m on hold with technical support for a product to broadcast a meeting live to satellite locations.

We did a dry run this morning. Checked out the meeting space… got a feel for the needed equipment. Tested the video stream… worked fine. Audio… not so much.

Freak-out time

Time to freak-out? Nope. That’s why we did a dry run. If this were the day of the meeting, it would be freak-out time. Today, it’s merely an inconvenience. Now I have a full week to solve the problem.

You can’t always do a practice or dry run before a shoot, but when you can it often helps make technical difficulties easier to deal with.

–Tony Gnau