Trust In Your Storyteller

We’re continuing our Telly Awards celebration this week with a look back at this year’s winning entries and some of the important things we can all learn from the projects.

Yesterday, we highlighted the recruiting video produced for the Warrenville Police Department. Today, it’s the “About Us” video we did for the after-school program METROsquash.

Like a lot of non-profits, METROsquash wanted to put a face on their program and show potential donors exactly what it is they do. Their video does a great job of that thanks to an invaluable asset… trust.

You see, the majority of their students aren’t exactly star squash players. They’re young kids just learning the game. It doesn’t exactly make for exciting video, and there was some concern that the slow pace of their games wouldn’t play well to an audience.

We assured them that we could still make an entertaining and informative video with a nice pace… and they trusted us. When you pick your storyteller, you have to pick someone you can trust.

We could envision how the video would be shot and played out in our minds, but sometimes it’s hard to get clients to share that vision. They simply don’t have the same experience and creative background that we do.

But they trusted us, and  it paid off. They’ve been very happy with how the video has been received when they show it.

Pick a producer you can trust, and let them roll with their vision for your project.

–Tony Gnau