Video Samples / TruLife

truvueThe following videos are some examples of testimonials we have produced.

We have a storytelling-based method for testimonials. It’s not about chest-bumping. We prefer to focus attention on the customer as opposed to the business. By telling the customer’s story, we show how the business helped them.

If you’re running things from the Arment Dietrich playbook, this is likely in-tune with their philosophies. To learn more about our thoughts on the subject, please checkout the following blog post: How-to Do Better Testimonial Videos

As for a video example where customer try products for the first time… we don’t have one of those to share. We love the idea though, so if you have questions about how it might look and feel we’d be happy to chat more about it.

–Tony Gnau

LSS | Open Adoption
Time: 3:39
Testimonial Video


Glenwood Graduation
Time: 3:19
Testimonial Video


Spin Sucks on T60
Time: 1:37
Testimonial Video