The Good, Bad and Huh? of Ikea

Ikea perplexes me.

On one hand, I’ve blogged about how smart the company’s leaders are to use video in their displays to help market their products.

On the other hand, I’ve blogged about them creating the worst-ever customer experience by holding me hostage.

Now, another interesting experience, this time while I exchanged something.

I walked in… pretty confident they’d allow me to leave this time… and took a number to wait my turn. They had a seating area featuring some of their own chairs (good move). They also had some flat-screen TVs to keep people occupied while waiting.

On this day and at this time, those TVs were tuned to a regular over-the-air channel where customers got to watch a celebrity poker game.

What a waisted opportunity! Think about it. Inside, the furniture displays have TVs tuned to an in-house channel featuring information about Ikea products. LOVE this… such a good idea, but think about it. Customers who encounter the TVs inside the store might stop for a minute or two to watch. Someone in the returns/exchanges waiting area might be there… well… a lot longer.

Why in the world wouldn’t you use this time to inform them more about your products? Heck, Ikea leaders should be producing their own HGTV-type design show featuring their products.

Play THAT in the waiting area. This would occupy, entertain and market to customers all at the same time.

There are many ways to use video and all sorts of ways to deliver it. Keep your eyes open for those opportunities at your business.

–Tony Gnau