Telly Award Highlights: Pere Jacques

Goose Island Beer video earns 2010 Telly Award

Continuing our spotlight on T60’s 2010 Telly Award winners, today it’s another Goose Island Beer Company project.

Last year we produced videos highlighting nine of Goose Island’s beers. I knew I wanted to submit one of them for the Telly’s, but they all turned out so well it ended up being a tough choice.

Brewmaster Greg Hall had a lot of great stories about each beer, so I finally decided to put aside criteria like camera angles, editing techniques, and I simply picked my favorite story, Pere Jacques.

I think Greg’s explanation of how that beer came to be really draws in the viewer, and especially how the beer got its name. ┬áSo with that, please click the link below and enjoy.

–Tony Gnau

VIDEO: Pere Jacques